Any returns must be authorized in writing by Adnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

For Defective Product

Defective product may be returned for a full refund or exchanged for replacement goods within 30 days of customer’s receipt of the product. If the customer desires a replacement sample, Adnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd will pay for return shipping, as well as the shipment of replacement product. The product is considered defective if it is not within an admissible range of the product specifications listed online, or if it arrives damaged or contaminated. The product is not considered defective if it does not work for a particular application but still meets the product specifications. The “Applications” sections within product descriptions are considered potential and are not a guarantee of product efficiency for any application. Our products are exclusively for research.

New or Unopened Items

Customer may return any new, unopened items within 10 days of receiving product for a refund less shipping and 10% as processing Fee. Items returned must ship via DHL/FedEx for tracking purpose. The customer is responsible for shipping cost on all returned products unless the product has defected upon arrival. The customer should expect to receive their refund within and up to four weeks from the date which return product received at Adnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Adnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd will notify you via email upon arrival of your return product.